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Looking through a coupon website, blog or forum can be extremely confusing to say the least if you don't know what the abbreviations mean. It seems like there is an acronym for everything and words like "stacking" take on a whole new meaning.

I've put this little dictionary together to use as your reference guide while on your couponing journey. Enjoy!

AC: After Coupon, usually the price after a coupon is applied

Actual: The actual item as opposed to a coupon for it (an item from your stockpile)

ADDIE: Address

Albies: Albertsons grocery store

AR: After Rebate, usually the final cost after the rebate is received

B&M: Brick & Mortar, a physical store that you enter to purchase products, as opposed to an online store where you order products from the internet.

Blinkies: These are SmartSource coupons that you usually find being dispensed from a small box with a red blinking light. You can find them near the product they are promoting.

BOGO: Buy one, get one xxx (the second item might be free, half price, a free gift, etc)

B1G1F: Buy one get one free

B2G1F: Buy two get one free

BOLO: Be On the Lookout

BTFE: Box Tops for Education, a promotion

BTW: By the way

CAT: Coupon dispensed at register after purchase. These are usually only redeemable at the store that it printed at or stores that accept competitor's coupons. They can be on plain receipt paper or on the back of your printed receipt.

Catalina: A type of coupon dispensed at the cash register after purchase, often in response to a specific purchase. If you bought a half gallon of Smart Milk, you might get a coupon for $1 off your next purchase of Smart Milk. It can also be for a dollar amount off your next transaction. Catalina is the marketing company that distributes and manages this coupon program. You will also hear these coupons referred to as: Register Rewards, Check Out Coupons, Checkout Rewards, Extra Care Bucks, etc..

Check out Coupon: A type of coupon dispensed at the cash register after purchase, often in response to a specific purchase.

Check out Reward: A type of coupon dispensed at the cash register after purchase, often in response to a specific purchase.

C/O: A cents off coupon

CRT: Cash register tape

CYE: Check your email

DCRT: Dated cash register tape. This is usually required for rebates as proof of purchase

DCRTC: Dated cash register tape with the price circled. This is usually required for rebates as proof of purchase

DND: Do Not Double, a term printed by manufacturers on some coupons. This does not necessarily mean that the store will not double. They will use their own discretion in doubling the value of the coupon based on their store-specific coupon policies.

DNT: Do not triple, the same as DND, a coupon with this wording is not supposed to be tripled at stores that triple coupons. But, coupons that have a UPC code that starts with the number 5 will often time still triple, while ones that start with a 9 will not.

Double coupon: Some stores match the manufacturers value on a coupon, which "doubles" the value of the coupon for the consumer. For example, a coupon printed as 30 cents off of one item may be "doubled" by the store to become 60 cents off the item. Not all stores double coupons, so check your store's policy in advance.

ECB: CVS Extra Care Bucks earned for purchases, these are similar to Catalina coupons, but are store- and member-specific.

Envie: Envelope

EPOP: Each pay own postage (trading term)

ESR: EasySaver Rebate (Monthly rebate program at Walgreens).

ETA: Edited to add.

FAC: Free after coupon.

FAR: Free After Rebate. The cost of the item is free after the rebate is received.

FL: Food Lion.

FLIP: Food Lion Internet Printable. Printable coupon(s) offered by Food Lion.

Free Item Coupon: A coupon for a free product.

FSI: Free standing insert - A booklet of coupons found in the Sunday paper.

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GDA: Good Deal Alert, meaning a great price for an item has been identified and posted.

Hangtag: A coupon or form hanging from products for refunds or coupons. Also referred to as HGT.

HBA: Health and beauty aid.

HAD: Home delivered ad or Hot deal alert.

IP: Internet Printable coupon, printed on a home computer.

KG: Kroger, a grocery store.

LFE: Campbell's Labels for Education program.

MIR: Mail In Rebate.

MM: Money Maker. A deal where after the coupon or rebate, you actually end up with money being owed to you because of an overage.

MQ: Manufacturer Coupon. A coupon issued by the manufacturerer (ie Dannon, Betty Crocker) and not a store (ie Hannaford, Kroger).

NAZ: Name, address, zip code.

NBPN/NBPR: No beer purchase necessary/required to use the coupon or rebate. This applies to a beer sponsored rebate.

NED: No expiration date. This is a coupon that never expires.

NWPN/NWPR: No wine purchase necessary/required to use the coupon or rebate. This applies to a wine sponsored rebate.

OAS: on any size, a coupon or other offer that is valid on any size of a specific product.

OOP: Out of Pocket, meaning the final amount you will pay after all coupons and discounts have been applied.

OOS: Out of Stock.

OSI: On a single item.

Overage: If you purchase an item that costs $1.98 and the coupon you have is for $2.00, you have a 0.2 cent overage. Usually, the store won't give you the amount back in cash but some stores will allow you to use the overage towards other items in your purchase. Some other stores will adjust the value of the coupon down to the actual price of the item.

OYNO: On your next order/purchase. You will likely see this on CAT or Catalina type coupons that provide discount on your next purchase.

P&G: Proctor & Gamble. Also refers to the PGBrandsaver coupon insert in the Sunday paper.

Peelie: a coupon that you peel off the package.

Piggyback: Using coupons for products in conjunction with each other in order to maximize savings. Each coupon is attached to a specific product. If the purchase requirements are met, then the coupons can be used together for the purchase of a group of items.

POP: Proof of purchase.

PP: Purchase price.

PPHF: Paypal handling fee.

Q or Qualifier: The proof of purchase required for a refund offer that is physically taken from that package.

RC, or R/C: Raincheck. A slip of paper that is given by a store when an item is out of stock. This allows you to purchase the item at a later date for the sale price at the time the raincheck was issued.

Rebate: A partial refund following a purchase. These are provided by the manufacturer of a product or a store. This is a mail in offer that will refund you back money you spent to purchase a specific item in whole or in part.

Rolling: Using a gift card or catalina to pay for another transaction which will give you yet another catalina. For example, buying a product that gives you a gift card back. You might want to "roll" by buying more of that product with the gift card and getting another Catalina or gift card.

RP: RedPlum Sunday paper insert.

RR: Register Rewards, a type of "catalina" coupon at Walgreens. It is received at check out and good on your next order.

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SASE: Self Addressed Stamped Envelope.

SCR: Rite Aid Single Check Rebate. A monthly program from Rite Aid that offers special rebates on certain items. All are marked in the weekly sales flyers as having a "Single Check Rebate" available. The Web site allows you to view all of the available rebates and make a shopping list. The entire list for the month is available at

SD: Store display.

SF: Store form.

SMP: Specially Marked Packages

SS: Smart Source, also referring to the SmartSource coupon insert package.

Stacking: Using a store and manufacturers coupon together on one purchase. Only if the coupon does not restrict using both coupons. By using two coupons together, this doubles your savings.

Super Doubles: Coupons that are doubled $1+ in value (Example: a $1.00 coupon is doubled to $2.00 value). These are offered by some stores.

SW: Safeway

SWM: Super Walmart. This is a larger version of Walmart that includes a full grocery store.

Tear pad: A pad of refund forms or coupons found hanging from a store shelf or display.

TMF: Try Me Free, usually a mail-in rebate refunding the entire purchase price of an item. It's used as an incentive to encourage consumers to try the product.

Triple Coupon: A coupon that a grocery store will triple in value. They sometimes offer a promotional period where the consumer receives triple the manufacturers value on a coupon. For example, a coupon printed as $1.00 off of one item may be "tripled" by the store to become $3.00 off the item.

UPC: Universal Product Code, the bar code on a coupon or product.

Wine Tag/WT: A coupon hanging from a bottle of wine. This can also be a tearpad. The coupon discount provided by alcohol manufacturers. These coupons are typically good on any brand of a specific item, such as $1 off of any meat, or $1 off any white item. May require purchase of alcohol or not.

WPN: Wine purchase necessary.

WSL: While supplies last.

WYB: When You Buy.

YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary; meaning that the results may vary, or the offer may not be available in all areas or at all stores.

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