Don't Buy Storage Containers

by Melanie
(Auckland, NZ)

If you need some storage containers, save money by using shoe boxes. If you don't have any, go to your local shoe shop and ask for some. They always have some out the back that are going to be thrown away. They come in different sizes so you should be able to find some that suit. If you want to pretty them up, you can cover them in contact, wrapping paper, newspaper, anything you like.

You can use the boxes in drawers for organising, socks, knickers etc.
In the wardrobe for bits and pieces. They can also be used for budgeting like the Envelope budget talked about here. You can use them to keep receipts, warranties etc, so you know where to find them if something needs to be returned.
Use them as gift boxes for homemade goods. Store your power cords and chargers in them. You will always know where they are. Use them as storage boxes for your craft items.
There are lots of ways to use them and you save money by not buying plastic ones plus you are recycling.

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Great Tip
by: Marlene

Thanks for that Melanie. What a great idea. Lots of useful ideas.

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