Frugal living isn't being cheap or living without.

Frugal living today is a necessity. We all try to live within our means and in today's economy, it's harder than ever. Whether you are a successful business owner, entrepreneur, employee, retired, disabled or a stay at home mom or dad, we're all trying to find ways to save money.

Years ago, it was a lot harder to find great deals. You had to search the fliers and go from store to store and compare prices. That was a lot of work! All I have to say is...thank God for the internet!

Live Frugal

The internet is a jackpot of money saving resources. Instead of cutting coupons from local papers, you can easily go online and find any coupon your looking for by typing in a couple of keywords. And if you have a smartphone, you can download dozens of applications that will allow you to bring up coupons while you're literally paying at the store. Imagine what's next. Frugal living just became easy!

Don't get me wrong, clipping coupons is still a great way to save money...especially if you combine those with other coupons. We'll go over all those strategies and more frugal living tips in this website.

Some other really helpful things you will find in this website include:

Tons of Ways to Live Frugal

Money Saving Calculators

How To Make A Budget

And more...

This website was created to help you accomplish frugal living by giving you the tools and resources you need to save money. There are all types of ways to save money today.

Along with all of the above resources, you will also find a lot of little gems of knowledge. Most of all, I welcome your comments and experiences here so that we can learn from each other and find our path to frugal living together.

My goal is to make this an all-inclusive website where you can find any and all resource you need to live frugal and keep more money in your pocket. Please share your own experiences and strategies for saving money so that we can help each other.

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