Frugal Living Tips

Frugal living is pretty easy. Living a full life doesn't always require a big wallet. Honestly, having little and making do with the little that you have cuts out a lot of stress. Would you like to get rid of a little stress? If you have a hard time with frugal living, I have some tips that can help you out.

Check Your Bills

Ask yourself some questions about your monthly expenses. Do you really get the most out of all the services that you're paying for? If you feel like you can do without some of the extra services, then you could unsubscribe and stick only to the basics. I've known many people who have cut down to basic cable but still watch the new release movies by subscribing to Netflix. This is just one example of frugal living.

Affordable and Healthy Food Options

For at least one day a week, try to leave out meat and make it a vegetarian day. Meat is the most costly part of meals and you can save some cash by leaving it out on some days. Your other option is to ask your local butcher about the cheaper cuts of meat that are still good to eat. For sure, you will get a good bargain for those meat cuts that people don't usually buy. Plus, marinating the meat can make it seem like a really tender cut. Also, at the end of the day a lot of supermarkets are getting rid of their meat and vegies cheaply. It is a great time to shop to get some real bargains.


Mend and Make Do

Frugal living isn't all about sewing holes in jeans but these days, it's so easy for people to throw away stuff even if they can still be fixed. People also hire handymen to fix even the smallest repairs in the house. If you can learn to repair things all by yourself, you could save the money that you are going to pay for the service. Ok, so not all people have the knack for being a DIYer, but all things can be learned if you are truly willing to become skilled at it.

Assess Your Perspective

More and more today we rely on material things to fill that void and make us happy. If you look at the things that surround you and you find that you've bought a lot of material things that end up ignored after a while, then it is high time that you evaluate your values in life. Almost always, people buy things because others are buying them too. We just simply want to be "in". And then after a while, these material things fail to fill that void and bring us pleasure. If that ever happened, you are wasting money that you could have added to your savings. Always remember, true happiness does not come from material possessions.

Don't Compare Your Life To Others

More money doesn't really mean more happiness. Living frugal can bring a huge amount of happiness. As a matter of fact, some families who earn just enough to get by, turn out to have a closer bond than those who are earning more. So avoid falling into the trap of envy over someone who earns more than you do. You don't have to compete with what your brother or sister or friend is earning. Don't keep a score of other peoples' incomes and be happy with what you have and then just spend within your means. Learn how to live frugal and you'll be happier and more stress-free in the long run.

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