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Here are a few money saving tips to help you along.

Try one or try them all. I think everyone wants to try and save money somehow. Please share your money saving tips with us.

**Instead of getting rid of size one and two pants when your toddler has outgrown them, try them on your child again at age four. You may find they fit. How? Once your child outgrows their "toddler tubby tummy" and no longer use bulky nappies, the larger waistband made for toddler's clothes can fit a four or small five year old child again.

**Why not team up with work mates and create a lunch group. Each person brings in a meal for four on their nominated day. You only need to supply lunch on one day a week. It doesn't have to be extravagant, justy tasty and filling. Over the course of a year, you can save up to $3,000 by not buying your lunch everyday. Think of what you could do with that money!

**Halve the amount of washing powder or liquid you use. You will get the same result and the product will last twice as long.

**Buying smaller fruit can save your household a lot of food waste, particularly if you have children. When little ones are given a whole peice of fruit, they will usually take a couple of bites and leave the rest. If you need a kilo of apples, choose ten smaller ones rather than six or seven larger ones. Because they are smaller, children are more likely to eat the whole thing, so nothing is wasted.

**When preparing vegetables, cut them into smaller pieces. They will take less time to cook which in turn saves you power. 

**Instead of spending money on outings, check out the free events in your local area. You will find them in the local paper, library and notice boards.

**Want a great night in? Host a "pot luck" party. Everyone brings a dish, plate, container etc., of food to share. After eating, play some games. 

**If you have a mortgage, call a broker and see if they can get you a lower interest rate. Their services are free and you could save thousands. Alternatively, you can call your lender and ask them to match a competitor's lower interest rate.

**Get a cheaper plan for your mobile phone. If your provider can't, shop around for a cheaper provider. There are huge cost differences these days.

**Use the internet to source materials, compare prices and find the best deals. It saves a lot of running around, hence less petrol!

**Invest in systems such as insulation, solar panels and rainwater tanks. They will save you money in the long run.

**Plant your own vegetable garden. You will save hundreds of dollars and you will be rewarded with fresh, healthy produce.

**Make an effort to use or recycle old materials.

**Trade skills with others rather than paying them outright. For example, give someone computer lessons in exchange for their sewing skills, give someone a massage in exchange for fixing your car, give someone fresh produce from your garden in exchange for tutoring your child in maths.

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