Organizing Coupons

The grocery coupon organizer is becoming more and more popular. Times are tight, and people are looking for ways to say money. If you fall into this category then going back to a time-honored pastime of clipping coupons may be just for you.

Before you start, get a good grocery coupon organizer and you will be farther along than many people who clip from newspapers or use online printable food coupons. From the start, you'll want to be organized and personalize it to what you shop for. There's no point in having a section in your organizer for "baby food" if you don't have a baby. So, before you make your first clip, sit down and figure out how to organize the organizer.

13 Month Organizer

A grocery coupon organizer can be anything that works for you. Those cancelled check, 13 months organizers are good because they're self-contained and easy to carry. You can also fit a load of coupons into this kind of organizer, and it's cheap to buy. After all, you are trying to save money so you don't want to spend a fortune on the organizer you keep your savings in.

At the very basic, you can use envelopes, although that's not the recommended choice for obvious reasons. Envelopes are separate and can get easily lost. Oops, there goes all your coupons for dish detergents or toothpaste.

Accordion File Organizer

Another great trick if you decide to use an accordion file is to put the entire insert in by week. This cuts down on time by not having to clip each coupon separately. You can organize them by week.

The organization of your coupons is up to you. How you do it should only be consistent. No grocery coupon organizer police will come out and arrest you if you organize by week versus organizing by topic. Many inserts have an expiration date on them, and you should write the expiration in larger print so that you can find the current dates worth of bargains.

Shopping according to what's on sale that week is a great way to get a ton of stuff at a discount. In the following week, you buy what's on sale next week via circular.

Organize By Topic

Organize by topic and not by alphabet when it comes to your grocery coupon organizer. For instance, don't put potatoes under P or Betty Crocker under C, because you'll be the only person who has any idea where the coupon is located in your accordion file. While that might not be a big problem when you first start, realize that this system is going to in place for a long time and you'll have a lot of coupons to go through.

Organizing by topic is better: pets, baby, snacks, cereal, cleaning supplies, cooking helpers, tooth care or bathroom products, hair care, makeup, frozen foods, condiments and seasonings - you get the idea.

Make sure that your grocery coupon organizer reflects your shopping habits and lifestyle. When you add printable food coupons, add them by category. If you find as you go along that a category doesn't work, just switch it out for one that does. Make sure that the categories are alphabetical so that you can quickly go to where a coupon is located.

Full Size or Zip Up Binder

Other things you can use to organize your coupons in includes a full-sized binder that along with a six pocket accordion insert. As you cut out coupons, you can organize and file them in your binder. It's a variation on the cancelled check binder, but it works similarly in terms of categories used and methods of alphabetizing and keeping things organized. Some people like it better, because it's easier to see the coupons in the large binder sheets.

You can also use a plastic folder which zips up in the binder, but it needs to be closed entirely in order to keep the coupons from falling out. While this may look a little less organized, it's easier to see the coupons you have under certain categories. It's also more roomy so you don't have to worry as much about losing a coupon.

Whichever system you decide on for keeping your coupons in, having an organizer that's convenient and easy to carry will allow you to take couponing to the extreme. You'll be able to add coupons from online sites, clip them from inserts in the newspaper and add them from various circulars you receive by mail.

The bottom line in having a coupon organizer is to save money with the coupons inside that you can use while shopping. Pick a system that you're comfortable with so that your grocery coupons are right at hand as you shop.

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